Evangeline Interiors

Home Staging, Interior Design, and Redesign
"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style." - Billy Baldwin, design legend

Our Interior Decorating & Design Expertise

EI will help you select the furnishings, fabrics, décor and colors that best reflect your personal style. We will also work with you to identify possibilities for opening up or rearranging your home’s interior layout to best maximize space and accessibility.

Our Staging Expertise

For the home seller EI creates the visual experience to emotionally connect your potential buyer to your home and place them in that frame of mind to imagine living in “their” new place. EI will help you with the selection and placement of furnishings and décor to most favorably present your home’s space and architectural features.

For the commercial seller EI focuses on interior arrangements to best emphasize functionality, versatility, and comfort on “flex space” properties. What we do best is present your property’s interior strengths as the best value for the purchaser’s or lessor’s dollar.

EI’s Other Services

· Event and Holiday Decorating
· Decorating consultations
· Shopping Services